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March Report

  • 04/05/16
  • By Bob Flight
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March Respect Tables 2015-16

Spartan South Midlands Football League Respect Programme
Report March 2016 by Bob Flight

March saw the League catch up with the fixtures although there were still a few postponements.

Whilst a good period for the Respect programme with the culmination of the season, the dissent incidents (C2) rose slightly by 1.7% (fell 0.9% last month) ending the three month period where dissent cautions fell month on month. Sending off
offences fell by 8% (down 13% last period) which maintains the improvement over the same period last season. Bench incidents continue to fall over those of the same period last season and this period the fall is an impressive 74.5% (60% last period)
This general improvement must be maintained until the end of the season.

Premier Division
There was a drop in clubs, 45% (50% last period) in the good green section of the Respect table which has seen a corresponding increase of clubs in the brown must improve section. Those clubs in the red unacceptable section have fallen to just two clubs and even those have marginally improved their Respect performances during the Month.
Division 1
A steady month for this division although clubs in the good green section fell to 55% (65% last month). This has shown an increase of clubs in the brown section to 25% (10% last month). However the red section has shown no reduction and is still the same as last month, although there was a welcome improvement from Harpenden.
Division 2
Good performances from Grendon Rangers, Kent Athletic and Clean Slate who gained no Respect penalty points during the month. A poor month for AFC Hillgate and despite a marginal improvement, Pitstone & Ivinghoe continue to prop up the Respect table.
Reserve Sections
General all round improved performances in both sections with the average Respect penalty points per game falling from those of the last period. However, Pitstone & Ivinghoe Reserves fell to the bottom of Reserve N/W by gaining 38 penalty points in just one month!

Areas of Concern
There have been several reports, some via letters to the League, of clubs not controlling the behaviour of their staff, players & supporters which has seen a use of foul, abusive and offensive language. This type of behaviour will prevent spectators, especially those with young children, coming to watch games resulting in loss of much needed revenue for clubs. Whilst these transgressions are dealt with by the respective County FAs, the League will hold guilty clubs to account to protect the good name and integrity of the Spartan South Midlands Football League.
Respect Award
Once again Hereward Sports are sponsoring the monthly Respect Awards of £100 worth of sporting clothing, this excludes any postage costs. The award for this month goes to Kent Athletic for their outstanding achievement in not gaining any Respect penalty points during their six games played in March.

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