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Bracknell Sunday League on the web

  • 13/04/12
  • By Keith Thomas
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Note on using the internet and mentioning the league.

Please find the note I have placed on the website regarding the use of the internet on disciplinary matters.

All clubs and players are encouraged to bring any issues to the league committee and they will be dealt with in the relevant manner, whether it be by simple conversations or working through the Berks & Bucks disciplinary process.

However all clubs and players are asked not to use websites, Twitter or other internet forums to air their grievances before they are resolved.

There are possible problems that can occur from doing this, from creating an atmosphere difficult for referees to manage in the second leg of the game, all the way through to leaving yourselves open to liable damages and criminal prosecution.

While B&DSFL would never discourage open and free speech, please be aware that a heated opinion on a matter, even if you are 100% correct with your view based on fact, can aggravate situations and make it harder for the committee to judge such incidents.

Again, we wholly encourage clubs and players to bring matters concerning them to the committee as often as they require, but please consider your activity on the internet.

Your help is appreciated.


Keith Thomas

Chairman Bracknell&District Sunday Football League